Monday, 19 January 2015

How much is my face worth?x

 Hey Guys!

So today I am going to see what products I use everyday on my face and how much all of it together costs. This post was suggested to me by my very lovely friend at
I am not doing this post to show off all my make up, I find it interesting and I hope you guys will too!

So to start of I use MAC Studio Finish Concealer in the colour NW15
This comes at the price £15.50, which personally I don't feel is too bad as it gives me excellent coverage especially on my dark under-eye circles.

Next is my MAC studio fix fluid in the colour NW15. I love this foundation and I know it comes at a higher price but to me it is worth it as I feel so confident in it and I haven't found anything else that comes close it. This costs £21.50.

Another one of my everyday products is the MAC mineralize skinfinish in the colour medium deep.
This product cost me £23.00, I think this is a bit to expensive for a bronzer and I think I am going to return to some of my old favourite bronzers like the Seventeen instant glow bronzing powder that comes in at just £4.59, and I think it gives a just as good finish or even better than the MAC about a quarter of the price.

My next favourite product for everyday is the MAC sheertone shimmer blush in the colour springsheen. I absolutely LOVE this blush! I love the colour and the shimmer of it, this product costs £18.00.

Next for my eyes I normally use the shadows from my Naked 3 Pallet. This is by far my favourite make-up product as I am in love with eye-shadows! This costs £37.00 and is well worth that price! My favourite colours on this Pallet are Dust, Buzz and Mugshot.

Now onto the mascara and eye liner. My number one mascara is definitely They're Real! by Benefit! at £19.50, I would recommend to it anyone! and the Barry-M liquid eyeliner at £4.79.

So altogether my face is worth £147.29!
That is crazy! It is unbelievable how much make-up costs! I would not of have guessed that much! I guess that when you buy little bits here and there it all adds up!
I am intrigued to know how much everyone else's face's are worth!??

A Little Bit of Grace 


  1. Fab post Grace :) So jealous of all you Mac bits! x

  2. Really enjoyed this. I am a HUGE MAC fan myself and I LOVE the Benefit They're Real Mascara! Love your blog!

    1. Thank you! Going to be posting again at the end of this week hopefully and me too! its great isn't it!x

  3. Loving all the MAC products, lucky girl! x

    1. I know MAC is fab! got to say probably my favourite make up brand!x

  4. This is such a good idea for a post! I'm not sure I'd want to know mine though, I don't want to know how much money I waste! Haha

    Katie xx


    1. I know, now I know where all my money goes! aha! You should definitely do this, it would be really interesting :-)

      Grace x